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Product Description

Mediumweight, stable fusible nonwoven interlining made from a blend of synthetic fibres. Fully coated surface for firmer handle.  Washable up to 60° easy to work with and retains its shape.  For the fusing of shaped waistbands and belts and for various handicrafts. Suitable for medium - to heavyweight fabrics for dresses. 25 metre reel

1. Lay the interlining with the coated side facing the reverse side of the fabric.

2. Iron on dry for around 8 seconds.

3. Press the iron down firmly over each section 5–6 times. (Iron setting: silk/wool). 

4. After fixing, lay the pieces down flat to cool down for around 30 minutes to allow the bond to stabilise.

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Vilene H250/305 White Firm 90cm Iron-On 2 IN STOCK